Anne (annnn) wrote in surfer_gone_emo,

name: Anne

age: 16

Location: south padre island, texas

what kind of surfboard: 7'6" stewarts and my dad's 11 dewey weber

rate yourself on a cool scale of 1-10(10 being the coolest): errr 4

how long you've been surfing: 5+ years

views on life: if the world were to rid itself of money and legalize drugs, we'd all be a little happier

favorite 5 bands: death cab, bob marley & the wailers, sublime, bright eyes, the specials

favorite quote/lyric: "I cry, cry, cry, then I complain, come back for more, do it again." -- Rilo Kiley, Glendora

favorite piece of clothing: 50s formal dress, six dollars from a thrift store,

favorite book: Choke by Chuck Palahniuk

likes: surfing, drugs, summer

dislikes: ignorance

other hobbies: skim boarding, swimming?

at least 1 picture: just reformated hard drive, this may take some time, sorry :/
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