Sarah (majacko) wrote in surfer_gone_emo,

name: Sarah
age: 16
Location: Philadelphia, PA
what kind of surfboard: 5' 11" fish
rate yourself on a cool scale of 1-10(10 being the coolest): 3
how long you've been surfing: 2 years
views on life: take it one wave at a time
favorite 5 bands: taking back sunday, dave matthews band, yellowcard, the starting line, eels
favorite quote/lyric: She's got a ticket to ride!
favorite piece of clothing: my Endless Surfing Sweatshirt
favorite book:
likes: swimming, friends, sand, music
dislikes: i like jsut about everything
other hobbies: volleyball, chillin
at least 1 picture(that shows your face-put it in a cut): i dunt know how to do that
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