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name: Sarah
age: 15
Location: Santa Monica, California
what kind of surfboard: Rusty
rate yourself on a cool scale of 1-10(10 being the coolest): 10
how long you've been surfing: 4 years, maybe 5
views on life: As long as you got friends, a board, and music, youre good.
favorite 5 bands: SUBLIME!!!!! Marley (Bob), DCK, blondie, and head automatica
favorite quote/lyric: "And the answer is always waiting at the liquor store..."
favorite piece of clothing: My Blue Dickies
favorite book: Monster
likes: Surfing, Music, and my homie G's
dislikes: Posers, oh and Kooks
other hobbies: skimming, soccor, jammin to my tunes, messin with people at the grove, hanging with my bestestest homeslice ali (its not a hobbie but school)
at least 1 picture(that shows your face-put it in a cut):

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