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name: Lis

age: sweet 15

Location: Im a jersey girl born and raised..right out of ac and ocean city

what kind of surfboard: I dont have one of my own..but deffinietly this summer

rate yourself on a cool scale of 1-10(10 being the coolest): 0..idk. well i dont really consider myself cool at all..if you ask me i say im the biggest loser in the word.. but people tend to disagree so i quess a 7 8ish.. i dont know alot of people know me.. which i dont like. oh well what can i do

how long you've been surfing: ..about 3years my dad used too and was pretty awsome, he even won a few compatitions in orange county..so i quess i get my skills from him.. im making myself seem pretty lame..pleh

views on life:well my views on life are difficult to explain.. i need love..i need to be hurt.. it helps you learn..everyone has someone its just whether or not you find them or chose to realise their there. and everyone is gonna get hurt, but you just got to take the good with the bad..and eventually move on.. and you will, its just a matter of letting yourself

favorite 5 bands: thats hard, theres so many..
1. Juliana Theory
2.matchbook romance
3. Brand New
4. Dashboard Confeshional
5 Bright eyes

and so much more..

favorite quote/lyric: i have alot.. love is an excuse to get hurt..basically says it right there.

favorite piece of clothing: hmm.. probably big sweaters..they make me feel safe..and warm =]
i like the whole punk look, not too much prep, indie a tad, goth moments, a bit skater.. i like what i like there is really no genre...im me..take it or leave it

favorite book: i've read alot of things..but A walke to remember or anything by nicholas sparks is about the best

likes: surfing, summer, guys =],music, my quitar, skiing/snowboarding, knee boarding, snow, crying,the beach, sunsets, right before it rains,tacos..emm beef..dont ask. Ramen soup =], taking pictures, being with people wholove me, driving illegally, holding hands and cuddleing, uhmm well i could go on forever..so i'll stop myself now

dislikes:being being hurt..love sux but i need it. liars, and people who think they are better then others, people who waste there life and never notice a thing. coldness, people who are total poesurs and think there cool.

other hobbies:skateboarding (im not the gratest..but i dont kill myself),writing poetry, drawling, having fun with friends, taking pictures, hanging out on the boardwalk and beach, and the mall. oh playing ddr ..its fun =].. dreaming of getting out of this place.. im a big dreamer.

at least 1 picture(that shows your face-put it in a cut): uhh well lets see if this works

<.uh yeh" http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v621/xemoxlis89/9.bmp uhh me..im the blonde ..">
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