Sucker For Romance (xxsurferbabyxx) wrote in surfer_gone_emo,
Sucker For Romance


name: Ali aka Super Stoked Surfer Ali
age: 14
Location: Santa Monica, Cali + Waikiki/Haleiwa Hawai'i
what kind of surfboard: rusty
rate yourself on a cool scale of 1-10(10 being the coolest): 10, then again i think highly of myself
how long you've been surfing: 7 or 8 years
views on life: My Motto is.... Do the math....Surfing + Music = Life!
favorite 5 bands: AFI, My Chemical Roamnce, HIM, Bob Marley, Jeremy Kay
favorite quote/lyric: "Just hang loose, just have fun, sippin on a drink laying in the sun dont try to fight it it aint no use. cuz when your in hawaii you gotta just hang loose"
favorite piece of clothing: hmm some boardshorts and a shirt? OH and my famous trucker hat thats been with me through 4 years of surfing (it goes in the water with me)
favorite book: Kaiulani: The Peoples Princess and A Clockwork Orange
likes: music, surfing, my bestestestest friend sarah, swimming, sublime baybay (thanks sarah!<3) Surf academy, Hawaii (my hometown), Roxy surf now, Surf shops, Skaitng
dislikes: Kooks, People from the valley, most people at SAMO, Preppy people who say they surf but really cant surf for their lives
other hobbies: skating, causing chaos with my bffl sarah, umm surfing, going to hawaii to visit mi familia (im hawaiian)
at least 1 picture(that shows your face-put it in a cut):
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