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None of my business...

I know this totally isn't my job, but to make an lj-cut just go like (but remove the .s)

<.lj-cut text="whatever you want the link to say">

then you post the URLs of your pics.


Thanks. I don't really mind pics but when they're huge, they get kinda annoying on my F-list. Welcome to the n00bs, but it says "pic of yourself -put behind a cut" for a reason. And it seems like EVERYONE is just posting pics without a cut so I figured a big message would be more effective than a lil comment ;)

Sorry for being a wannabe mod! I just can't help it! It bothers me! My bad....(REAL mods can erase this is they so choose).

Anyways, welcome and everyone is so lucky they can be surfing right now! Where I live it's -45 C. Too cold even for snowboarding....Gahhh.
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